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This website is all about encouraging you to get involved with beaked whales, the most elusive of the world’s whales and dolphins! Whether you are interested in wildlife as a hobby, love whale watching, or work with whales and dolphins for a living, we want you to enjoy this website and help us to improve it as a resource for everybody by contributing to it! We need your involvement – if you spend time on the coast or have the opportunity to venture out to sea, the chances are you may have a sighting that could help to build scientific knowledge about beaked whales.

We know more about the composition of the moon than we do about the behaviour of beaked whales or Ziphiids.

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Yet it is becoming clear that human activities are presenting a very real threat to the future survival of beaked whales. To work out how to protect Ziphiids we need to understand their needs – their habitat preferences, diets, migrations and so on, and yet so far we don’t even know where these species are found or how to tell them apart, and that’s where the Beaked Whale Resource comes in. The aim of this site is to raise the public profile of this little known family of cetaceans while at the same time providing an opportunity for collaborative research between organisations by providing a national and international database.

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Tales From the Field: An Account of the Realities of Beaked Whale Research

Mathew Hardy highlights the results of a number of studies presented at the recent 20th Annual Conference of the European Cetacean Society (ECS)

Blainville's Beaked Whales in the Solomons
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